Djerba Africain Pitch & Putt Open : 1-4 Novembre 2018







DAPPO Notes   

P&P is golf, with a difference; DAPPO is a holiday, with a difference



Golf (after 1/11/18): 23€ for 9 holes; 36€ for 18 holes; 132€ for 4 full rounds Beginners’ sessions available on demand


Players must make their own travel arrangements; IPPA can put them in contact with Tunisair Airport transfers available on request

Taxis are for airport transfers at roughly 10$ per trip always available

Players should inform IPPA of flight bookings, giving their E.T.A. and other details


For the period 29/10/2018 – 10/11/2018 – Exclusive agreement with “Royal Garden Hotel”

Hotel bookings should be made directly with “Royal Garden Hotel” by e-mail, giving details such as numbers, dates and special requirements, using the code: DAPPO

RGH is a 5 star hotel, across the road from the golf course, offering all modern facilities, including Jacuzzi, mini-golf, archery, fitness centre, etc., at a very reasonable price for those using the DAPPO code. This all- inclusive package with “open bar” offers a wide choice of dishes at meal times.

Price p.p. 45€ per night sharing a double room: 55€ single. Their website on: is worth a visit!

The gala dinner offered on Saturday evening will include a traditional show by local musicians Tourist excursions available on request

Special lunch vouchers for the Golf Club provided on request


Why the title “Djerba African Open”?

Djerba Golf Club took the initiative for this event and it is the first time IPPA has organized a competition in Africa.

Who are the organizers?

IPPA, the Tunisian Golf Federation and Djerba Golf Club are collaborating to make this a landmark event, with the help of the numerous partner.

Are the players likely to be disappointed with this “maiden” edition?

Definitely not; IPPA is now truly experienced at organizing major events and our Tunisian partners are keen to make sure this will be just the start of more Pitch & Putt events in the future. The trial run with 20 foreign players last November was highly successful;

Is the Acacias course suitable for a major P&P competition?

This is a championship course in every sense of the word; it is well designed and superbly maintained. The most important element in P&P is the quality of the greens and these are of the very highest quality.

As it is a “converted” golf course, there are two or three long walks between greens but this is a small price to pay to be able to play here.

Why have a golf competition on Sunday?

Working with golf is IPPA’s “raison d’être” and this is the first time we have combined P&P with golf in a major event so we are looking forward to the reactions of the players. More than half of our members are golf federations.

IPPA works closely with the R&A in St Andrews and they will be watching this innovation with real interest as one of their major concerns today is to improve the pace of play. IPPA endeavours to lead by example in this respect.

Travelling with golf equipment can be expensive!

We are working with Tunisair to get some preferential rates for the event and free transport for golf bags.

Will we have time to visit or will it be just P&P and golf?

This will depend on the length of stay chosen by each player but as we are working with the Tunisian and the Djerbian Tourist offices, many packages will be available at reasonable prices.

Will there be a language problem?

Probably not; Tunisia has many years of experience with international tourism and hotel and golf club staff are fluent in several languages

On 5 November, we want to hear:

 That was great fun – and excellent value for money. We’ll be back!


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